A day in, Amsterdam

A day in Amsterdam

Tips for a perfect day in the capital city of the Netherlands

Traveling to Amsterdam

One of the most asked question when it comes to traveling is the “What should I do if I got one day in …?”. Therefore we will introduce a new series of posts for you. 2019 we monthly gonna publish “A day in” articles for different cities here in the Favourhoods blog.

First we gonna take you to the Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of the most international european cities and has - although relatively small - so much to offer: Known for beautiful tulip fields this city promises to be colorful. It is a paradise for foodies, art and architecture lovers will be more than pleased and shopaholics should book extra luggage for the flight back home.


Photo by Mario Gogh on Unsplash

So here are our tips for your day in the city of Amsterdam:

  1. Start your day right with a really good breakfast. This city is known for its great food and coffee scene. Our favorite places to get started: Cafe George, Dignita Amsterdam, Benji’s and De Wasserette. And if you are into greens and wanna try a trend the Avocado Show will just be right for you.

  2. If you wonder how to get around: the best way is - no surprise - by bike. So rent one! The average rate is only 10 Euros per day and you can get one at all the major rental hubs: Central Station, Leidseplein and Dam Square.

  3. Visit the Anne Frank house The museum reopened in december after some renovations and can be visited daily. The best way to get your ticket is to buy it online. Or are you more into classic art? Then head off to Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, where you will find dutch art and history from the Middle Ages to the present day, or the Van Gogh Museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh and owns more than 200 paintings and drawings.

  4. Canal Tour: if you have time and don’t wanna bike around, then explore Amsterdam by boat. It’s a pretty fantastic way to fall in love with the romantic architecture which goes back to the 17th century.

  5. Off the beaten and touristic paths: wander the streets of the picturesque and charming Jordaan District. The Jordaan neighbourhood goes back to the 17th century and was once home to the working class and immigrants. Nowadays it counts as one of the trendiest and coolest neighbourhoods while it still remains calm. Galleries, street markets, cool shops and cafés are waiting to be discovered.

  6. The Vondelpark is Hollands most famous park. The urban oasis is perfect for a Picnic.

  7. Don’t be ashamed to visit the Red Light District. It’s one of the most visited places and areas in Amsterdam and shouldn’t be missed or mistaken. Beside the famous peep shows, sex shops (there is even a sex museum) the district goes back to the 13th century, so you will find some of the oldest houses and buildings of Amsterdam there, like Oude Kerk church.

  8. Watch the sunset at Pllek - a cool city beach, restaurant and bar.

  9. Another fantastic, village-like and creative neighbourhood to visit is De Pijp. There you find the biggest of its kind in Europe, The Albert Cuyp market. Stroll around, eat yourself through the different offerings and enjoy the laid back atmosphere.

  10. Have you ever heard of Stamppot? It’s a traditional dutch meal and perfect match for cold, grey and rainy days in Amsterdam. Stamppot means “Mash Pot” and is a combination of potatoes, vegetables and bacon. The result is known as Zuurkoolstamppot (Sauerkraut-Stamppot), Boerenkoolstamppot (Kale-Stamppot) or Prei Stamppot (Leek-Stamppot). Try it at Haesje Claes, La Falote or Moeders.
Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash