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Top 5 Viennese gift ideas for Christmas

If you need some inspiration for xmas gifts, here are the Top 5 of Vienna

Some of you might be experts when it comes to Christmas presents, others are always hunting for inspiration. And since there are only 3 weeks left -- here are 5 classic Viennese shops where you can find a special gift for your loved ones.

1. Wiener Zuckerlwerkstatt

“Welcome to the sweet side of life” is the slogan of one of the prettiest traditional candyshops in Vienna and Salzburg. If you're a sweet tooth you will love Wiener Zuckerlwerkstatt. Handmade candy after a visit of the First District of Vienna will lead to guaranteed happiness, believe me!

2. R. Horn

Searching for some high-quality, long-lasting, elegant and durable leather accessories? Or a beautiful handbag for your misses? Then R. Horn is just right for you. The manufactury is also located in the First District of Vienna and the products coming out of it are one of a kind, paying hommage to the aesthetics of Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos and the Wiener Werkstätte. Truely timeless.

3. Augarten Porzellan Wien

300 years of Viennese porcelain. At "Augarten" you will find exquisite handmade pieces that impressed even Empress Maria Theresia. Augarten is Austria's most traditional porcelain factory and located in the Second District. You can also visit their Porcelain Museum and get some insights into the manufactory. Shopping meets culture!

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4. Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau

Situated at Graben 26 “Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau” is know for its lovely bed and table linens, terry cloths and accessoires. Founded 1720 the shop served as a supplier to the aristocracy and upper middle classes. For over 30 years now Hanni Vanicek took over and gives inspiration on how warm and beautiful your home can be.

5. Staud's

Staud's jams and marmelades are known beyond the borders of Austria, you will spot them at great hotel breakfasts around the world. Knowledge, intuition and passion for the craft and interaction with nature were passed on from generation to generation since Staud's foundation in 1883. Staud's Pavillon at "Brunnenmarkt" greets visitors even in 2018.

Of course there are many more opportunities to score great christmas presents in Vienna. If you have kids try Herzilein, located both in 7th and 1st District. J. & L. Lobmeyr in "Kärntnerstraße" will put a smile on your face. If you just want to bring your family and friends something not that expensive but coming from the heart, just buy packages of the famous Neapolitan hazelnut wafers of Manner.

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