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“Life begins after coffee” - for me that’s true. If I haven’t had at least one cup, I’m neither functional nor capable of things. Vienna seems to be the perfect place to live for coffee lovers as me then. This city is notorious for its grand coffee tradition und culture. Since we Viennese people are spending half of our days in a “Wiener Kaffeehaus” (cliché alert!), here are some Favourhoods tips where to get the best in town.

5 traditional Viennese coffee houses
(some as dark & moody as the coffee)

All five are situated in the central 1st district of Vienna:

  1. Kleines Café
    Situated on the lovely and beautiful Franziskanerplatz .

  2. Café Engländer
    Locals meet there for casual morning business meetings.

  3. Café Landtmann
    Home for leading industrialists, politicians and thinkers. Sigmund Freud and Gustav Mahler used to go there.

  4. Café Hawelka
    Very artistic place with a unique atmosphere.

  5. Café Central
    Situated in a former bank this Café impresses with its spectacular architecture.

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Café Central

Five of the best modern coffee places in town

  1. Café Espresso
    This place in the hip 7th district takes you back to the 1950s and offers you a really good Vanilla Latte.

  2. Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters
    Guarantees a unique coffee experience.

  3. Le Bol
    A one-of-a-kind french hotspot at Neuer Markt, 1st district.

  4. Balthasar Kaffee Bar
    A very relaxed and chic spot in the 2nd district with an undeniable love for details.

  5. CoffeePirates
    Situated near the campus of University of Vienna in 9th district it's a very young and hip coffee shop, but for sure one of the best.

Photo by Natanja Grün on Unsplash