Everyone ...

knows that moment when the taxi, coming from the airport, leaves the big road for smaller ones, and you lean forward scanning the neighbourhood in quiet desperation: Oh just please don’t stop here!

Finding the best area to stay in a new city can be a game of luck. But how to better your odds?

I started Favourhoods to make travelling more rewarding by helping you make better decisions where to go next. This site focuses on the three things most overlooked by city visitors:

  • Location.
  • Location.
  • Location.

They usually screen accommodations over on booking.com for hours and zoom into bathroom tile details, but don't give much thought to the surroundings themselves. And even if you do care about the neighbourhood of the hotel or apartment, finding quality information on the districts and areas is hard to come by and scattered across various forums and blogs.

Travellers spend hours zooming into bathroom tile details ...

... on booking.com but don't give much thought to the surroundings of the place.

I have always been travelling a lot.

In my experience, few things make or break a city trip like the area you choose to stay in: Getting stressed out by a party crowd when you could instead happily amble along residential areas dotted with parks. Losing valuable time on public transportation that could have been avoided with a different pick of neighbourhood. Having to be back early at your place because you find it outright scary after dark there.

On Favourhoods I share the great places I have encountered, shaped into three distinct areas per city that will hopefully make the decision easier for you.



Favourhoods: Three distinct areas per city

... that will make the decision easier for you.